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Hi Y’all,
Last week was one of those weeks that was bookended by some progress but had some slow days. In any fitness journey, you will experience highs and lows. I try to learn from the lows and enjoy the highs.

If you continue to think of the journey as always moving forward regardless of the activity, you may find it easier to find the lesson in the low or hard days. It is really easy to get caught up comparing the highest of the high days to a low day and making yourself feel worse than is warranted.

Don’t do it to yourself. If your head is always turned behind you, you will miss the progress you are actually making in front of you! Make the quick look back when you need a course correction or to change lanes, but take it one step at a time always moving forward!

Without further ado, my week in review:

Monday (Sept 4th): Labor Day

I took the day off and did some planning for the future. I also had some fun with friends at their house after wearing Zoey out with 2 short walks outside.

Tuesday (Sept 5th): ART

My weekly ART recovery session at Well Body Basics was a great session. Donna and I went over some additions to my stretching routine. In previous weeks she suggested stretching using the wall. We worked on some additional rotations to get a deeper glute stretch. Demonstrating the figure four wall glute stretch

The glute stretch starts with a figure four with one foot on the wall. Moving your foot around the wall with change the location of the stretch. Give it a try. Let me know if you get a deeper glute stretch too.

Wednesday (Sept 6th): In-Training

It was a day-glo green shirt day! I love Wednesday because it’s all about the participants. The motivation on displays helps keep me moving forward too.

Plus I can share some of my tricks of the trade with people who also want to talk about running in detail rather than that poor soul who asks out of politeness about my last run or workout and ends of getting more detail than they ever would want!

Thursday (Sept 7th): Rest day

I took the day off except for some random squats and some stretching. Since the accident, I’ve been doing random sets of 10 perfect squats to just keep moving.

Tip: If you want to work in some additional movement, pick an exercise — think squat or lunge– and randomly do sets. Make sure you have good form when you are doing the move. I use this technique to do some of those 30-day challenges that have a lot of reps in a day towards the end.

Friday (Sept 8th): FitWit

Fridays used to be a permanent rest day and somewhere along the way it changed from rest to work off the stress of the week. I went back to FitWit for the Casino Royale workout. It was nice to be closer to my pre-accident level of work! It wasn’t easy but felt amazing.

Saturday (Sept 9th): In-Training & Hot Pursuit 5K

I guess this was my first two-a-day in several weeks. I started by run leading in the 5K training program. It was hill training day and the return of Rick to training. It was a nice way to wake up my legs.
I ended the day with a nighttime 5K with RBF Susan on the hills of Brookhaven. I could use the skills we reinforced in the morning that night. The race was a Team Beef race to support the Brookhaven police department’s holiday children’s program. (I wrote about other Team Beef races and the appeal of the jersey last year. Check it out!)

Sunday (Sept 10th): Irma Readiness

So Irma was coming and I needed supplies beyond the junk food I bought under the guise of needing non-perishable food that was certified gluten-free. So I made some Turmeric Pepitas and modified Superhero Muffins from Run Fast Eat Slow. Great Snack: Turmeric Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) from the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbookI have been working my way through this cookbook to find some staples for my meal plans. It’s my new on the way to work snack in the Turmeric Pepitas! The sweet and salty crunch is satisfying.  It has a balance of good fats and protein.  It was a real struggle to not eat the entire recipe in one sitting!!!

I’m happy to be moving even more than the last few weeks. Not letting an injury derail you for any longer than necessary is the key to always moving forward on your journey. I keep reminding myself to keep with the smart recovery plan. It has been a bit of a struggle to not go back to my pre-fitness habits. One important thing that has kept me from backsliding is remembering how much fun I have with each activity. I also go back and look at my journey to date for a quick peek at the fun.

I’m telling you it has been easy but I am moving forward #onestepatatime,

P.S. My car has collected a couple of pairs of shoes but it otherwise clean. It may be time for a vacuum after Zoey’s first few ride…

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