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Hi Y’all,

Each week has been very similar since my car accident. The past week, I have been slowly but surely trying to get back to my normal schedule while maintaining all of the good habits I recognized I have created over the past weeks. Here’s the thing, the longer I am out of my normal routine the harder it is to not fall back into my old habits. I find myself looking back at my attitude and resolve in Week #14 and Week #15 to keep me from back sliding. My recovery hasn’t been perfect but it is firmly moving forward.

I’ve also been using my workout time to work on some cool stuff for this site. My ultimate goal is to bring you not just an update on my workouts but a place for you to get answers to those common questions, recipes to some of the tasty foods I tease y’all with on Instagram, and so much more. In the vein of not wasting my down time and staying involved, I’ve been trying to keep things moving forward. Without further ado, my week in review:

Monday (August 28th): ART at Well Body Basics

Donna at Well Body Basics has definitely helped me keep on the smart recovery path.  I showed up grumpy and in pain. She immediately recognized it and helped to put me back into a good place.  We discussed some additional stretches to try to keep loose during the week.  I will say that they helped! It also reminded me of others to add back into my routine.

Tuesday (August 29th): FitWit

Returning to FitWit is high on my list of things to do! I went back and Lisa modified the 100 burpees in 12 minutes workout to a 2K meter timed row. While it wasn’t easy, I was able to complete the row. I completed it in less than 11 minutes. THe last time I did that challenge it took me more than 11 minutes. It is nice to see progress from before even during recovery!

Wednesday (August 30th): In-Training

Day-glo green and participants are my standard Wednesdays during in-training. The participants that show up each week are a great addition to hump day. I did some light stretching with them after they finished. I was still pretty tight and moving helped a lot.

Thursday (August 31st): Rest

I took Thursday off from any kind of workout. I did do the new stretches but other than that I was in recovery mode 100%.

Friday (September 1st): Rest

I rinsed and repeated Thursday. I did walk Zoey around a bit more than in previous days but otherwise, it was another recovery day.

Saturday (September 2nd): Almond Milk

On Thursday I put raw almonds on to soak for my very first attempt at almond milk. I made fresh almond milk! I followed the Nom Nom Paleo Ready or Not! cookbook recipe. I figured after hearing about the cookbook from the author at the signing, I would give it a try.

I could taste the difference from the commercial versions. The best part is that it didn’t really take that long. It took about 15 minutes of hands on time. The soak is a 12 to 48-hour window. To strain the blended mix I used a nut milk bag. It was well worth it too! I will mix it up the next time and add some dates for sweetness. It was a bit salty before I put a little sugar in the raw in the glass.

Sunday (September 3rd): Brook Run Park with Susan

My original plan was to do a 5K but the course was not friendly for my current pace (or even my faster pace but I would have just pushed it if I was healthy. Isn’t that how PRs are made?!?!). Luckily, I have some really good friends. Susan gave me a call to see if I had a buddy for the 5K. After we discussed the course time limit, we decided to go to Brook Run Park to get in some miles. It was the best way to end my Sunday. If you haven’t found a BRF you should look high and low. The support of another person who understands what you are going through and will motivate you when you need is an invaluable addition to your fitness journey.

The support of another person who understands what you are going through and will motivate you when you need it is an invaluable addition to your fitness journey.

I’m telling you to find a buddy/accountability partner to keep your journey moving forward. If you rely only on yourself, you are more likely to talk yourself out of that workout when you’re tired or just don’t feel like it. Plus having someone to share the goings on in your life or a struggle as part of your fitness journey is also a key tool.


P.S. The car is still clean!!!

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