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Hi y’all!

Group of Women Runners

So I thought I would give the Week in Review a try to share my fitness journey with you.  I tend to keep busy and sometimes I think it’s a good idea to do more than 1 workout in a  day.  You would think that would be the hardest part of my week.

But most of the time it is the day I deem my rest day.  I sometimes feel like in order to have forward progress on this journey, I need to always be doing something.  When I look back on the week, I realize that the rest day probably moves me farther forward than some of the workout days.  That all being said…

Week in Review #1:

Monday: Rest with a little Active Release Therapy

I go every week to get everything put back together.  I also get adjusted and lined back up so I can keep moving forward. If you are wondering what is it, well it is myofascial release using movement to address the tightness. Y’all it’s definitely one of those hurts so good situations but well worth it. Read more about it here.

Tuesday: FitWit and Cyclebar

The day started with FitWit. It was a great workout where I felt stronger than the last workout. If you want to read more about my FitWit journey, check out my latest post as the FitWit Live Fit winner here.

So, Tuesday became #twoadaytuesday by me forgetting that I had a race on Thursday. (How do I forget I have a race? Well, cut me some slack because it was a week day!)  I love my weekly Cyclebar class with Bianca and decided I couldn’t skip it.  

Here’s the thing any time anyone asks (and sometimes even when they don’t ask), I tell them they have to try a spin class.  I then go on to tell them that they have to go take Bianca’s class.  She is great at getting you to push beyond what you thought you could.  Plus who wouldn’t love a class with a great playlist and a little preaching about being a better person.  In case you are wondering, I take class at the Buckhead location and in truth I haven’t tried any of the other instructors at this location.  Best thing is the first ride is free. (I don’t get anything for this link. I just really love it and want others to co me sweat with me!)

Wednesday: Stretching at In-Training

In-training for the AJC Peachtree Road Race has speed training at the Active Oval in Piedmont Park every week on Wednesdays.  I love it because I get to see the participants of various speeds and locations pushing themselves to complete the workout.  I tend to do my speed work on a different day so I can be available to answer questions.  The good thing though is I stretch a lot.  Each time a group of people finishes the workout, I or one of my fellow Run Leads will run through the Big 5 (5 major muscle groups in 5 minutes). After sitting all day, it feels great to stretch it all out.

Thursday: FitWit and May the 4th Miler Race

I started the day with some strength and power at FitWit.  I definitely feel better when I get to start my day with it.  

2 women, 1 african american 1 white at road race finish line
Susan and I at the finish line

I ended my day with some therapy miles as a Team Beef race (see here for more about my Team Beef races). It is always amazing to me every time I have a bad day or week at work how much meeting up with Susan and getting in some miles with a great chat can make my world right again.  Even better this was a rainy day that took a turn for the better with the weather deciding to cooperate.  It felt great to get in the 4 miles.  Even better this was the first time I did a race this small.  There is something to be said for the small race!

Friday: FitWit

Friday ended with a FitWit AMRAP workout. I was not in the best of moods when I started and for the first 20 minutes I was just kind of sluggish and frustrated.  The last of the 3 AMRAPs was a lot better.  In all fairness who really likes inch worms, bear crawls, cat crawls (think low to the ground bear crawls) and broad jumps…for 10 minutes.  All of those are a challenge for me and I just plain don’t like them. However, it was one of those days where I remind myself that I never regret a workout after its done.  It was true after it was all said and done.

Saturday: Moving boxes

Uggh! so that move I mention in my 1st Quarter catch-up is still going! I have waaaay too much stuff and some of it is in storage.  I’m trying to decide what stays and what goes. So, I went to picked up more boxes and had to load them, unload them and then unpack.  I’m counting that as an extra workout.

Sunday: Four Miles including hill repeats on Cardiac

2 women, 1 african american and 1 white in parking lot after a run
Janet and I finished 4 miles with hill repeats with a smile

I met up with another fellow Party in the Back member, Janet, to get in our long runs and hill repeats.  My duties as a co-captain site coordinator meant I stayed at home base.  Janet couldn’t make it on Saturday. One quick message and a plan was formed to meet up and get the miles in.  We went to Peachtree and did part of the course including hill repeats on the bottom half of Cardiac Hill.  For those who may not know, the most talked about thing with Peachtree (besides the finisher’s shirt) is the dreaded Cardiac Hill.  It is a mile long climb after 3 miles at a slight downhill.  We figured we might as well start conquering the hill now.  It was a great morning with cooler temps and great conversation.  We’ve decided to make this a regular thing.

All in all, while the mileage wasn’t very high, I feel like I got in some good workouts. Bonuses for the week: I had some good quality time with some great people.  And I was reminded of the importance of showing up to do what I can even if it’s not perfect.

Telling you to give it a try to keep moving forward #onestepatatime,


I’m linking up with the Jess’s, (Jess Runs Atlanta and Jess @ The Right Fits) for their training recaps.


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6 comments on “TJ Tells It: Week in Review #1”

  1. Great job this week! I tried swimming laps this week, and it wasn’t graceful, but I’ll just keep showing up.

    • Thanks! Nice job on trying something new!!! I have been tossing around the idea of swimming too! Not sure where I will fit it in yet. Where are your swimming?

  2. Thanks so much for linking up, lady!! You had a solid week, and I’m impressed with all you were able to accomplish while in the middle of a move. That in and of itself is exhausting!

    • Thanks! The move seems to just keep going, but downsizing is tough. I like my stuff…slowly figuring out what I need. LOL

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