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Hi Y’all,

So it took me a while to figure out what to share for week 14 of this fitness journey. Here’s the thing, I had to remind myself that this journey is not just about the actual workouts. Spoiler alert: no workouts unless you count my two visits to see Donna at Well Body Basics. It is a journey towards better health and wellness. After reflecting on what I told people in person about how I was doing after the car accident, I found that my focus shifted from the physical workout to the other parts that make up this journey.

The journey is multifaceted including both mental strength and proper nutrition. It was about tapping into the mental strength. Workouts are hard but these two are harder!!! It amazed me how quickly I could have gone back to the bad eating habits I had prior to the beginning this journey.

Boredom and extra time started to lead me back down that path. When I am working out as much as I do, I tend to be better about my nutrition because I need to make it through whatever the activity. Poor food choices make the workouts significantly harder and not enjoyable. Think about the times when you lack energy or your stomach rebels…it’s not fun! However, when I’m in recovery or a rest day, I’m hungry all the time (and time to contemplate cake).

I knew I couldn’t do that if I want to recover quickly and get back to the happy place. Now don’t get me wrong, I have eaten some mug cakes and have slipped back into my candy dish perusal. It has been different this time. Moderation is an actual thing in my eating habits now… (single portions and single pieces of candy were realities.)

I recognized my journey is more than the weights, miles, and rides. It is about giving my body the fuel it needs to recover and repair the damage from the accident. It’s not perfect but I’m choosing better!

That all being said, my week in review…

Monday (July 31st): ART & More

Step 2 in my recovery plan was to see Donna at Well Body Basics so that she could start putting me back together. I know I say this every week, but she really is magic. Plus, she helps keep me realistic about progress without making the future a bleak and depressing thing.

Tuesday (August 1st): Rest and Recovery

I hoped to be back at least doing an easy workout, but it was not meant to be. I got a full 8 hours of sleep, stretch the best I could, and rested. After being in the house over the weekend, I had good food that was also good for me. My granola whole-milk grass-fed milk yogurt combo was delicious. It also kept the cookie monster in me at bay.

I did get a visit from Evan (and his mommy). My former ride had to be cleaned out. It was being towed. I was lucky and my sister helped me out so I wasn’t in pain cleaning out my car.

Dirty little secret: My car was a storage unit. I had some many random things. Not surprising, I had a lot of workout gear and empty water bottles. Other random things included a Crockpot, half eaten dog treats and more hair ties than 1 car really needs. (I have a plan to prevent it in the future which I share in Week in Review #15.)


Wednesday (August 2nd): Rinse and Repeat

Sleep became my fitness goal for the week. I was #winning.  Sleeping helps muscles repair and keep the body running at top form. In recent weeks, I missed sleep in the previous weeks due to a jam-packed schedule.

Thursday (August 3rd): Rinse and Repeat

I slept some more. So because I’m not off at a workout, I’ve been home significantly more. I thought that Zoey would appreciate it. Nope, she was not happy with my taking up of her couch cushions. (Life of a dog owner…or maybe she is more like a cat…or just a crotchety old woman!) Also, every day I got home in day light, she would look at me suspiciously. In the end, she does enjoy it (I asked her and she told me so….just kidding!)

Friday (August 4th): ART Visit #2

The follow-up appointment went as expected. I asked Donna if I could at least start back spinning. She told me if you’re no longer in pain on Tuesday try it but modified. She worked her magic to guide me down the road to recovery. I will say that ice has been my best friend during this process.

Saturday (August 5th): Rinse and Repeat

I slept into about 7:30. Atlanta Track Club fall In-training started with marathon training. I went to see people and stay involved in the community. I wasn’t really helpful but it was nice to be out of the house. It is funny how sometimes I whine about the early mornings, but when I don’t have the early morning Saturday start, I get significantly less done in the day. Injury reserve tip: Stay involved in your fitness community. Your friends will want to see for themselves that you are on the mend and you will get to benefit from the positive vibes!!!

Sunday (August 6th): Rest

As per usual, I kept it light and easy. I didn’t do too much.

The pain from my back, neck, and shoulder is hanging onto my every movement like Zoey when I’m eating (Dog owners know what I’m talking about…). I’m going to keep moving forward. I’m going to focus on the things I can do now. I can eat well and share some new ideas with you. I can follow the recovery plan. Each day I remind myself to take it one step at a time. My friends and family remind me to be patient.

Telling you to focus on more than the workout and take recovery #onestepatatime,

P.S. Check out Week in Review 15 to get an update on my journey!

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