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Hi Y’all,

I want to start by saying that my thoughts are with those affected by Harvey. I’m working on some different ways to help the recovery efforts.

In keeping with the theme of my journey is more than the workouts, I went to a book signing and I took time to make my home more of a home. Not going to lie, I do miss my variety of workouts. I’m committed to my smart recovery plan. I’m making forward progress.

Monday (August 21): ART

Donna at Well Body Basics continued her awesomeness by helping me make my recovery. We talk about what my smart recovery should look like that is specific to how I’m feeling that week. I don’t always like what she says, but I tend to listen. It is probably because she is right. But it is more than just being right, it is that I know she is listening to me and providing what I need specifically.

Tuesday (August 22): Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook Signing

I went to a cookbook signing. One of the blogs that I follow to get ideas for my gluten-free meals is I normally go to Cyclebar but my back wasn’t up for it. It was happenstance that I changed my routine to read the newsletter in the morning. It was meant to be. I saw the signing and went to it. I am committed to cooking through the book. If you are paleo or gluten free or just looking for a book to give you new healthy ideas garb a copy of Ready or Not.

Wednesday (August 23rd): In-Training

It was great to see the participants come out and work towards their goals. It was nice to get in a little stretching too. I like to answer questions and provide a few of the tips I’ve gathered during my own training.

Thursday (August 24th): FitWit

I finally went back to FitWit!!! It was nice to get in some different movements and start the process of getting stronger. Trainer Beka made my own plan since I was the only person at the last session of the day. I still miss lifting kettlebells and going all out, but I was able to see that I’m making progress to getting back to my previous level of working out!

Friday (August 25th): Oval

Susan and I met up at the oval to get in some laps. We had a great chat and started off our day right. While we didn’t get in more than a mile and half, it was great to get in outside time. Plus, the conversation with Susan is always awesome.

Saturday (August 26th): In-Training

5K training was a field trip to the Silver Comet. The 5K program worked on form. We also walked a couple of miles. I caught up with the participants. Both the ladies I walked with went farther than they thought they could go. It is one of my favorite things about being a run lead for Atlanta Track Club.

Sunday (August 27th): Declutter

For awhile I’ve been saying I needed to get rid of some stuff. Well, I finally got going and made a lot of progress. I donated and trashed so much stuff. Why am I telling you about decluttering? What does this have to do with a fitness journey? People are always talking about rest being just as important as the workout, myself included. Well, I think to rest well you have to some places that you are comfortable to rest and recharge. A place to be able to be yourself without the worries of everyday life intruding.

THe boxes and extra stuff were intruding on my peaceful place. I’m not the neatest but have set the goal of maintaining the neatness. When I spend time at home, I want to relax. More and more I’m learning I really like a low stress living area in terms of stuff intruding. Now don’t get me wrong, I still like my stuff. Being choosy about what I keep is made me a more rested person. Think the first night sleeping in fresh sheets. 3 trips to Goodwill later, my home is getting there.

Whether you are affected by Harvey or something else major in your life, keep in mind that life is a series on steps that move you forward. I’m trying to keep the forward progress concept in mind as I recover.

I’m telling you to think of each action and event as moving forward #onestepatatime,


P.S. I’m keeping the car clean. I do need to find a system that keeps it clean but allows me to have my emergency stuff. I’m thinking bins…

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