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Thankful Thursday-Alissa Palladino raises money for Kilometer Kids trainign for NYC MarathonHi Y’all,

I’m back telling you about another runner who is giving back to the community while training for a marathon to raise awareness and funds.

Thankful Thursdays Katie Runs Boston to support BWH Stepping Strong Marathon Team
Katie Rosenberg who loves pancakes after a long run!

Katie Rosenberg is an event planner who is training for the Boston Marathon. She is not just training but introducing me and the rest of Atlanta (and beyond) to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation. This charity began after a high school student was injured during the Boston Marathon bombings. Her family was so grateful to the hospital for saving not only her life but her leg as well.

The Boston bombing had a profound effect on Katie. She says, “When the bombings happened, I was not a marathoner. I was a “Half Girl”…but these bombings were so devastating and horrible, that it inspired me to train for my first full. I was angry at these cowards who hurt people and set off those bombs critically injuring people and killing others. I thought “these bastards can’t keep us down”. I’m going to run for those who can’t …the victims, the families…all those who got hurt.”

Here’s the thing, none of this is shocking to me.

Let me give you a proper introduction to Katie Rosenberg. Meet Katie. I

Katie, myself, Michelle, and Lindy at the ADMH 5K who probably had goldfish with her as they stay in her gym bag.

met her at Atlanta Track Club In-Training program when we were both run leads. She is one of those people you meet and know you will gain positivity and caring. She is one of the most caring people in the program and beyond. Katie is an event planner. She describes her job as planning happiness every day and really wants everyone to have a great experience.

Katie’s running journey started when she said yes to a friend who asked her to do the Peachtree Road Race.

The ‘friend ask’ is probably familiar to those of you who have started a running journey. Her yes was so her friend wasn’t alone during the process. And as it happens with many, Katie did the Peachtree Road Race and she says, “It was so exciting! All the people, the music…the keg stands! I walked the first 2 miles with her and then I was ITCHING to go… I started to run and I didn’t stop until I got to the end. At the end, I wasn’t tired. I called a friend and said ‘What’s next?’ She encouraged me to train for my first half marathon, which was Thanksgiving 2011. I haven’t looked back.”

Fast forward to following the Boston Bombings…

Katie trained for her first full, Disney January 2014. Well, she didn’t look back. She has completed 11 marathons. Along the way, she has impacted a lot of new and veteran runners with positivity. Now Katie is taking it to the next level and is “raising money for [a] fantastic organization that puts people back together again…and [she] will once again be running for those who can’t.”

While running for others, Katie finds her own clam.  Here’s the thing, she is not just a runner and event planner.  She is a caring wife.  Katie is the legal guardian for her adult brother who has a disability.  She is a caregiver in all parts of her life.  Katie is a fun-loving person who loves shopping, cooking and amusement parks!

Support Katie in her cause to help others benefit from the Stepping Strong center
Katie placed in her age group at the ADMH 5K following her mantra: “Run what the road gives you.”

When I saw that she was going the extra mile to dedicate her next marathon training and race to a charity, I knew she was a person I wanted y’all to meet.  I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Katie Rosenberg.  If you want to support her efforts, you can learn about The Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation and donate here.

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