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2018 is moving forward at a warp speed! By the time most of you will read this it will be February! It seems like I’m trying to keep up—well really settle in and embrace what is happening in my world.

Come see what is happening in 2018 on

What does that mean for TJ Tells It?

A whole lot! I’ve been working on some big changes and new additions! I promise more on those very soon (including more regular posts too)!

Here’s what will be the same: I will still give tips, tricks (hacks), recipes, review products and workout info. I will tell you the honest truth about my fitness journey as per usual.

Actually, you’ll get my first gear care tip of the year tomorrow! I’ll tell you my inexpensive hack for keeping workout gear so fresh and so clean. Check back tomorrow, your run/workout buddies will thank you!

In 2017, I told you it was a year of being out of my comfort zone.

And boy did I stay out of my comfort zone.  Just in the fitness world, I did so many things that I never even considered trying let alone actually attempting.  From kettlebell swings, rowing sprints to track meets.  Biggest lesson learned is to tell those around you about your goals. Your support team will become clear but will also help you accomplish your goals.

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 If you have been reading TJ Tells It for a while, you’re probably wondering, “Um TJ, what newsletter?”

Well, spoiler alert! Another addition is a weekly newsletter.  It will alert you to new posts. BUT it will also give exclusive newsletter subscriber only insider scoops, tips, and maybe a deal or two.  Subscribers will be the first to know some of the big developments and have a direct line to me! 😊



More updates to come. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a gear care tip post.  Here’s to another great year always moving forward.

Telling you to keep moving forward one step at a time,



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