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Hi Y’all,

Week 21 was the first week back with as close to my routine as I have been since the end of July! It was a tiring week but it felt great.  I definitely enjoy the benefits of working out more. And no, it is not more food (because really I would have to work out more than I did to warrant more food). Surprisingly it is the better sleep.

A good workout in several times a week means I just sleep better.  I don’t necessarily get more hours, but I get better quality sleep.  So, consider adding in a workout if you need better quality sleep.  That all being said, here’s week 21:

Monday (Sept 18th): A.R.T.

Well Body Basics visits are one of those feel-good moments in my week.  Donna didn’t disappoint! Whether I am recovering from a hard workout, an accident, or in maintenance mode, it is important for me to be able to keep pushing myself. Taking care of all the parts is very important.  What’s your routine? If you don’t have one, you should give it some thought!!

Tuesday (Sept 19th): FitWit

The 7:15 pm session is really my jam. I don’t have to worry about feeling like I’m taking up too much space. At the most, 4 or 5 other brave souls show up (but really its 1-3) and we grind it out.  Trainer Lisa shows just as much enthusiasm as any other session too.

Wednesday (Sept 20th): In-Training

Ran into my friend Pam before going to In-Training. Since we were both repping Atlanta Track Club a selfie was in order.  In training was great as usual. It really helps to center my week and bring it all back to center.  THe participants push through the workout with finesse and grit.

Thursday (Sept 21st): FitWit

It was a strength day. It was hard. It was fun. I didn’t regret a moment of it. I pushed myself. I left a lot of sweat equity all over the place.

Friday (Sept 22nd): FitWit

It was a great idea to finish my work week with some FItWit style fun.  Surprisingly the hard workout relaxes me.  Plus, since Wingfoot was a night race I could push hard.

Saturday (Sept 23rd) Wingfoot XC Classic

Atlanta Track CLub’s Wingfoot XC Classic is one of my (new) favorite races! It is one of those out of the comfort zone races as it is cross-country. If you are a road warrior, give cross-country a try. It will push your limits.

Sunday (Sept 24th): Meal Prep

Great Snack: Turmeric Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) from the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook

After a week of working hard to get back to normal, I took it easy on Sunday.  I did keep moving, but I did it grocery shopping doing some simple meal prep. I made more pepitas for a healthy snack. I might be mildly obsessed.

They are easy to make. It has protein and healthy fats too.  The salty sweet crunchy makes me have to portion them out. I would eat all of them in one sitting.  Plus I dropped some on the floor and Zoey swooped in and now LOVES them too. She thinks that I should give her some every single time I open the container.

Week 21 shaped up to be a fun week. While XC isn’t the norm, it was a blast. Plus getting 10 seconds per mile faster is not a bad thing.  Let the infectious excitement of doing something different and new invade you. Let it push you forward. Give a little and get a lot but never stop!

Telling you #onestepatatime,


P.S. The car has an extra pair of shoes beyond my running shoes but still can clean! I also added my jumper cables to the trunk. Safety first!

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