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Hi y’all,

Started with a Monday workout (which I hadn’t done in a while) and ended on the injury reserve. I’m not going to attribute it toit being week #13! Injuries happen and build character. (I’m sure I will need to come back and read this sentiment again in the coming weeks…)

I’m now glad that I got in that extra workout!

Monday (July 24th): Fit Radio & ART

 It was supposed to be a return to walking with Susan, but the weather had other plans. Since I got the call after I was dressed and on my way to meet her that it was raining too hard to really be out, I went to the gym. It was a no brainer to get in some cardio with Fit Radio. As I mentioned in Week 2, I’m an official tester for the Fit Radio Coaching workouts. I decided to try two different ones.

The first I tried was a treadmill workout. It was a 25-minute workout that got me warmed up and had a great mix. The second was a pyramid bike workout. It was a fun but quick 20-minute workout that allowed for some hill climbing and speed building. I felt like I was in a spin class with this workout! It was a good way to test my bike fitness level and take some pressure off my knees.

Love that Fit Radio workouts start with quotes!

Fit Radio allows me to get in workouts as short as 20 minutes or longer workouts. The workouts are designed for beginners and veterans alike. The coaches help keep you motivated while explaining how to personalize the workout to your fitness level. The professional DJ mixes just take the workouts to another level. I sometimes have to catch myself singing along. Kind of awkward when in the gym with headphones! (Side note: I’m tone deaf and not a great singer…not that it stops me from singing along!)

When doing an outdoor workout, all bets are off! The coaching component of the Fit Radio makes working out a no brainer when plans change or you are at a loss as to what to do to get in a great workout.

As is standard practice, I finished my Monday with Donna at Well Body Basics for some routine maintenance. I felt like I was ready for the rest of the week. The ART sessions help work out the kinks. Donna worked her magic per usual!

Tuesday (July 25th): FitWit & Cyclebar

Two-a-Day Tuesday is becoming a thing in my workout schedule. The ride to FitWit in the morning was full of traffic. Consequently, it crossed my mind to just skip it and go to the gym for a quick walk and core workout. I’m glad I didn’t give into the traffic.

It was the Summit. Talk about a challenge. Each round included the previous round. I’m always suspicious of the workout with white space left between the exercises. Let me tell you by the time I reached round three, I was digging deep! It was one of those mental and physical challenges without a doubt. I think the mental was the hard part! I made it through the entire blue level workout. 40 minutes of sweating was a great start to my Tuesday.

Trap Tuesday at Cyclebar in Buckhead finished my day out. Bianca kicked our butts too! We rode up hills, down hills, sprints, arm weights, and more. For the second time that day, I poured sweat like I get paid by the ounce!  Thank goodness they cranked up the air this week. I do love B’s class and even more when it is sold out! 42 people in one room working hard… All my local people need to check out Cyclebar Buckhead and Bianca’s Trap Tuesday ride! (Not paid to say it. Just a big fan!!! Although if Cyclebar would like me to be an ambassador…)

Wednesday (July 26th): Rest & Stretching

Since I was 3 hard workouts into the week, I took Wednesday to rest but stretch really well. I have found that if I skip this part of a rest day, I pay for it later in the week.

Thursday (July 27th): FitWit

Tabata style workout greeted me when I got to FitWit. It was 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of ‘rest.’ Let me tell you that 10 seconds of ‘rest’ is not really an actual rest. It is almost enough time to transition to the start position of the exercise. You might catch your breath or think you will anyway. We did have rowing sprints. I love a good rowing workout. (Not going to lie this one made me question the intelligence of this but…).

In between the Tabata sets (where 20 seconds became longer and longer and 10 seconds became shorter and shorter), we had sprints. Well, I wasn’t really feeling up to all of the sprints due to tightness and overall protest from my body. Once I stretched out during the cool down, I was right as rain.

We did have rowing sprints. I love a good rowing workout. (Not going to lie this one made me question the intelligence of this but…). In between the Tabata sets, we had sprints. Well, I wasn’t really feeling up to all of the sprints due to tightness and overall protest from my body. Once I stretched out during the cool down, I was right as rain.

Friday (July 28th): Treadmill, Bike & Car Accident

Friday started with a nice and easy workout at the gym. Since I enjoyed the Monday combo of treadmill and bike, I repeated it. It was a listen to my audiobook (Angels Flight by Michael Connelly) just wanted to listen to my book and chill out. I used it as a warm up to stretch and loosen everything. I threw in a plank series just for a bit of core strengthening. (Planks are my favorite efficient movement to quickly build overall strength… So think I’m crazy but those who voluntarily do burpees are CRAZY!!!!)

My Friday and life to date were turned upside down on my way back to work. Another car struck mine. I am now on the injury reserve list from working out in my usual style. While I’m definitely grateful I didn’t end up in the hospital, I miss my workouts.

Saturday (July 29th): Injury Reserve aka Watching Storage Wars and Live PD

As to be expected, Saturday was a complete rest day. Following the doctor’s orders, I watched Storage Wars and Live PD on rotation. (O.K. so maybe they didn’t pick out the programming but she said, “Take it easy and rest…”)  I surprised Zoey being home with her all day long. Still not sure if she was a fan; the jury is out.  Zoey definitely gave me the side-eye at times for being in ‘her spot’ at certain times of the day.

Furthermore, I knew she moved around and switched cushions. I’m pretty sure she expected me to rotate my seat according to her schedule. (Now mind you, she failed to share with me being a dog and all…) Judging from the number of times she stole ‘my spot’ when I got up for something, it is fair to say I was in her way. (Random fact: Saturday was National Chicken Wing Day. I love chicken wings more than I really should but they are delicious!)

Sunday (July 30th): Injury Reserve aka Granola Making & Atlanta Track Club Run Lead End of the Year Party

It was yet another rest day! I was able to see my sister and nephew. Evan is a hoot, but he wasn’t happy that I couldn’t hold him. I finished the day by celebrating the past year of run-leading for the Atlanta Track Club at Sweetwater Brewery and catered by Fat Matt’s BBQ. No beer for me being gluten-free and alcohol being out until I’m off my meds. I did add the orange version of the pint glass to my collection.

While the end of the week was not as I planned, I’m learning how to toggle between On-Demand and regular programming efficiently..haha. In all seriousness, my workouts will change. But the strength and determination I have built over this year will serve me well in my recovery. Finally, it is fitting that one of the Fit Radio encouragement quotes that show on-screen before you begin a workout was about the sum of the steps.

I’m telling you that I will climb this hurdle and come out stronger on the other side #onestepatatime,

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