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Hi Y’all,

I took it easy this week.   Not a single day of book ending my day with workouts. I tend to just keep pushing but I thought…it may be smart to listen to my body and take it easy.  

Monday: ART

I went and saw Donna at Well Body Basics to get put back together.  I have been focusing more on stretching and mobility. It is starting to show but I still have a lot of work to do.  Last week, I told you about moving my stretching strap to right beside my bed. It is still working to encourage me to stretch more. Ok, so I don’t do it every night but I am getting there and soon I’ll be reporting that I am now in the habit of stretching every single day. Stay tuned!

Tuesday: Gym workout & Track Meet Volunteering

Ever had one of those days where you have the best of intentions to work out and factors outside of your control prevent you from getting to your scheduled activity? Well that was me on Tuesday…I left my house in time to be a little early to my FitWit workout. Atlanta traffic said, “Ummm…nope you will not arrive early! As a matter of fact, you will be 20 minutes late!” Now don’t get me wrong, I show up late to FitWit sometimes but 20 minutes into a 50 minute workout is disruptive and not a good look.

It used to be that I would just skip working out and go to work. I was already in my gym clothes, and I shower and get dressed in the gym at work. So, I decided to make my own workout.  My gym started a 30 miles in 30 days challenge. FitWit has a jump rope challenge for the month of June. It took me a few minutes to put together a workout. Get a mile or two on the treadmill, jump rope for 5 minute blocks, stretch and core work. So that’s exactly what I did! No excuses!

The last All comers Track Meet of the year and Kick-off for Fall distance training. I contemplated another 400 M race but it was HOT. I was tired, so I skipped it. It was fun telling people about the benefits of the In-Training program, the great coach, and fellow run leaders.

Wednesday: FitWit & In-Training

I actually made the workout! Traffic was a lot better. It was a tough one but I think I say that about all of them.  I push myself in each workout. And if I’m not pushing, the trainers remind me to keep going.  It is crazy the amount of sweat, but I feel good when I make it to the end!

In-Training for Peachtree Road Race was a mix of hill repeats and flat sprints. I spent time stretching in between explaining the workout.  I didn’t run cause I took it easy.

Thursday: FitWit

Evening workout are their own brand of hard for me. I’m just better in the morning. I haven’t spent the day sitting at a desk yet or eating who knows what. Since, sleep won on Thursday, I went to FitWit after work. It was fun times but a slog through fatigue. Victory was doing a set of shoulder press at 35Lbs for 4 reps to max out the 12 week series. I went from 20 or 25lbs (can’t remember) to 35 lbs! Glad I didn’t give in to the post work pull to go home!!

Friday: FitWit

Friday was another one of those days when I hit snooze one too many times and didn’t make a morning workout.  I like to go to FitWit at least three times in a week. So I went to the evening workout.  The real victory actually wasn’t fitness related but life choice related. I was supposed to have dinner with friends. When arranging the time, I requested a time late enough to allow me to get in my workout.  I could have used it as an excuse to skip but not this week. It was a no excuses kind of week.

Ignore the gym hair! It was hot and humid inside and out!!!

Saturday: In-training and Dog Walking

I got in a couple of miles running around at In-training but not formal miles. I had to pick-up a fallen runner and replenish water for those getting in 7 hot miles. I did walk the dog a few times to get her some exercise.

Sunday: Rest day  and Father’s Day

I took the day off. I woke up with the beginnings of a migraine. Instead of trying to fight it and make it part way through my run, I decided to take the day off. I’ve learned that lesson one too many times. In case you are wondering, running with a migraine is NO fun!

I did go to dinner with one of my sisters, my nephew and my dad. My dad is the best and makes sure to support all of my fitness activities.  My dad will listen to me talk in minute detail about all of my workouts and new adventures.

Learning to accept the no excuses philosophy is a struggle at times. I’m not saying that I don’t give into the whims to not workout, but I try to recognize when I have a real reason to skip a workout, e.g. a migraine, versus an excuse, e.g. couch was calling my name. Sometimes it is easier to give into the excuse and ignore the reasons.  No matter what you choose recognize if it is a reason or excuse. Don’t beat yourself up for a reason and don’t try to convince yourself an excuse is a reason.

Telling it without excuses #onestepatatime,



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