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Hi y’all!

Last week included my favorite running day of the year–Global Running Day! I absolutely love it for the pure fun of the day. The other days were really just a warm up and recovery with a fitness birthday party. Doesn’t everyone celebrate birthdays with exercise?!?!? 

Monday – Stretching

I took it easy. I really need to stretch more, so I decided to actually put my stretching strap to use. I always feel a little better after I stretch but for some reason I just tend to only do it right before and after a run or workout.  Sometimes it’s a matter of convenience, right? I did one simple thing. took my stretching strap out of my gym bag and put it on the floor next to my bed. I see it each time I walk into my bedroom.  Even better, it is right next to my phone charger. It seems really simple, but this has really helped me stretch more.  I do it right before I go to sleep. Go figure, I sleep better too.

Tuesday – All Comers Track Meet 4 X 400 M

woman runner standing on field at trackAs a warm-up to Global Running Day, 3 of my running peeps and I did the 4 X 400 M at the All Comers meet.  I saw improvement of my 400 M time from the Grand Prix race at the beginning of the season.  Plus it was fun to be out there trying something new!

Wednesday – Global Running Day & FitWit

So Wednesday was fun all day long. It started at midnight and continued until 8 pm. I participated in 4 different group runs.  I also threw a FitWit workout in for fun. Needless to say, I was super tired by the time I got home.  If you want to know all the different runs and my take on it, you can check out my Global Running Day re-cap here.

Thursday – FitWit & Cyclebar

In the morning I returned to FitWit for another awesome workout.  I think I was still running on high from Wednesday.  I had a lot of improvement and increased max reps as well as weights. I am actually surprised I actually woke up on time and made it through the workout.

In the evening, I went to Cyclebar. It was Bianca’s birthday! So of course I was making her birthday party. I think she had so much fun at my party that she stole the idea.  Let me just tell you, she had a KILLER workout. But here’s the thing, I made it 4 songs in before I sat and spun for a few song. I didn’t give up on  the workout. By the time the sprints rolled around, I was ready to go. I definitely left that class dripping everywhere.

Friday – Rest Day

Y’all I took a rest day. I originally planned to get in third FitWit workout for the week. My body said “Yeah you may be crazy but don’t be stupid!!! You need more rest.”  I slept in for an extra hour and was better for it. In the evening, I went to the movies with my dad and saw The Mummy. The movie was pretty good too!

Saturday – In-Training for Peachtree
Art done by Wayland (Run Lead)

The training was a race day simulation. I was the cheer station and 1 mile split time caller.  It really is fun to cheer on the participants.  I finished the morning by push Rick for the last part of the race.  It is always fun to walk with him too.  By the end, I got in a couple of miles and lessened my stiffness from Wednesday and Thursday!

Sunday – Hotlanta Half Cheer & 4.25 Walk

I am an ambassador for Atlanta Track Club. One of the events available to volunteer was the Hotlanta Half Marathon. We set-up our cheer station at the halfway point.  I was super excited to cheer all the participants.  I even knew a bunch of them too.  I saw Jess from Jess Runs Atlanta. Newest Party in the Back members Sonya and Martrice.  I also saw some of my fellow run leads participate as wheelchair pushers. I cannot even imagine pushing a wheelchair over the hills of Atlanta let alone for 13.1 miles.

Here’s the thing about cheering. It is a serious upper body workout.  We had plastic hand clapper noise makers. I shook mine for about an hour straight. While my legs got a bit of a break, my triceps and forearms got a bit of a workout.

Once we finished cheering, Stephanie and I took to the Eastside Beltline to get in some miles.  I hadn’t really planned to go for a walk or run following but the offer was too good to pass up.  It was well worth it.  Not only did I get in 4.25 solid miles, we had a great conversation.  Sometimes, I just need to get miles without focusing on pace or anything. We plotted how to take over the world. Look for future update…haha.

Each week, I push forward trying new things and forget to just take time to have that little kid outside kind of fun.  This week I had one of those weeks where it was more just pure fun than anything else.  I am not saying the having goals and target paces and hitting them is not fun. I’m telling you not to forget to have just plain fun sometimes too.

Telling you to have fun #onestepatatime,



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