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This week was one of those weeks where non-running/fitness activities took over. It was book-ended by 2 runs. I started with the Inaugural Urban Tree Cidery 5K and finished with a thunderstorm interrupted run. Ordinarily, I would be super stressed out that I’m falling back into my pre-workout days of more couch time than moving time.

But if nothing else, my journey continues to show me that I’ve made a lifestyle change. Also, I have people who reminded me, it’s o.k. to take time off or miss a workout or two. Yes, my friends still have to tell me that it’s o.k. to take 2 rest days in a row after a root canal. It’s actually a good thing that the past week was pretty light because Global Running Day is this week. It is one of my most favorite days of the year. Check out my recap from last year.

Monday: Urban Tree Cidery Inaugural 5K

Since FitWit wasn’t open and I still have left in my Georgia Beef Board Team Beef budget for the year, I decided to join several of my Atlanta Track Club peeps at the Urban Tree Cidery 5K. Stephanie, another run lead and friend, injured herself earlier in the month and asked if any walkers where going to do the race.  Since she walks faster than me on her super easy day, I asked her to pace me. (It sucks that she was not up to her normal pace. But I do have to say I really enjoyed doing the race with her.).

Jen, Stephanie and I set out together.  We had a great conversation that ALMOST made me forget about the hills. Overall, it was the fastest I had gone in a long time.  My back didn’t really appreciate my push but Stephanie reminded me to use my core.

Tuesday: Walk

It was rainy and gross.  I went to the track meet to attempt the 400 M race. But because of the weather being icky, the meet was running ahead of schedule and I just missed it.  I did get in a walk with the dog.

Wednesday: Root Canal, A.R.T., & In-Training

Ugggh! I started my day with a root canal. Dentists lie by the way. He assured me it would be fine afterwards but I knew better.  Plus the stress of just going to the dentist had me frazzled.  After my appointment, I went to see Donna. She was able to relax my neck and shoulders so that I wasn’t a ball of tension for the week.  Plus my lower back was given a little TLC after stress from the race.

Root canal this morning. So no running or working out for me. But I did get in a little stretching while cheering on the participants at @atlantatrackclub In-Training for the mid-week workout of hill repeats! Zoey cane along to cheer people at the midway poiny #tjtellsit #onestepatatime #ajcprr #weareatlantatrackclub #intraining

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Once I took a nap and worked a little from home, I went to In-Training to provide some encouragement to the participants.  It was 400 M hill repeats. Zoey and I cheered them on from the sidelines. I did manage to get in a little stretching.

Thursday: Rest Day

I took the day off.  I woke up and discovered that I slept with my teeth clenched.  In case you are wondering, not the best thing after a root canal.  Plus, every time I tapped my teeth together, it hurt.  So, I wisely decided not to workout.

Friday: Mizuno Shoe Test

Today started off right! Good conversation while doing a @mizunorunning shoe test from @atlantatrackclub office! #tjtellsit #onestepatatime #fitnessjourney #fitnessblogger #lovegettingpaidtorun #runner #walker #humid #tworestdaysdidntkillme

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I ran/walked almost 3 miles trying 3 different shoes. If you have never done a shoe test, it is where you run in shoes selected by a manufacturer and provide your feedback.  I’ve done it several times for Mizuno, who is the shoe and apparel partner of Atlanta Track Club.  A lot of times companies compensate you for your time with anything from water bottle, socks, shirts to new shoes and even gift cards.  It’s cool to get to be a paid runner for a time.
Another cool thing is a lot of times you are trying shoes not on the market yet. You get to give your opinion and impact the future shoe.  I often wondered how the final product is decided. After participating in my first shoe test, I had a better understanding.  The two pairs felt great and one was not my favorite.  It was nice to get in some miles too. I was starting to feel a little lazy…

Saturday: In-Training

I didn’t get any miles in as I was at home-base.  I did get to chat with one of Atlanta Track Club Elite runners Andrew. The participants came back smiling even after the hills. After, I did get in a bit of unconventional lifting by moving furniture around in my storage unit.

Sunday: 6 Miles turned into 3.2

I started out with the plan of 6 miles. I got a later than planned start because it was storming.  Fortunately, the rain cooled it off some. Especially good given that the humidity was 100%.   I explored my new neighborhood. I found a park. I’ll report back next week after I’ve had a chance to explore. My exploration was cut off due to thunder. Safety first meant I cut it short. 

Even better I did a pretty steady run/walk.  I listened to Fit Radio and used the built-in interval timer.  When you start your timer, the app tells you to strive for progress not perfection.  It was just what I needed to see before starting the series of interval.  Each time the 45 second run interval started, I thought “progress not perfection.” It really helped me not skip any run interval and keep moving forward.  I found a mantra to add to my arsenal.

All in all, writing this review has shown me that my new mantra of “Strive for progress, not perfection” is more than something to tell myself during a run, race, or workout. But it is what I will remind myself when I doubt my activity levels. I’m telling you to recognize progress rather than the failure of not reaching perfection.

Telling it #onestepatatime,


P.S. I’m linking up with the Jess’s, (Jess Runs Atlanta and Jess @ The Right Fits) for their training recaps.


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4 comments on “TJ Tells It: Week in Review #5”

  1. I love that photo of you from the 5K race!

    You had A LOT going on this week! It’s totally okay to take some days off every now and then. I actually think our bodies appreciate it!

  2. Busy woman! Definitely okay to take time after a root canal. Fortunately I have never had one, but my husband has and he said it was TERRIBLE. You’re tough!

    Great photo from the 5k, you look so happy!

    • Thanks! It was a fun race.
      Root canals are awful. I HATE the dentist. All in all this one wasn’t too terrible.

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