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Hi Y’all,

My week included some vacation time from work, but it didn’t stop my fitness journey.  Boy did I need that time away from work!!! It was nice to get in my workouts without working so many hours on top of it.  Sleeping in was nice too!

Monday – ART

Donna of Well Body Basics worked her magic again! She put me back together and had me ready for the shot put the next day. I do find each week I learn something new at the appointment too.  She gives great recommendations on some home care and how to keep going without injury.  Injury prevention is so important. I’m not great with sitting still, so, I’m trying to make an effort to stay injury free and strengthening my weak parts.

Tuesday – Grand Prix Shot Put

It was the big day. After practicing my form for a couple of weeks, it was time to put the shot for my Atlanta Track Club Grand Prix series points.  To be honest, this is the only event that I had a possibility of scoring any extra points.  I’m no where near fast enough to place in my age group.  Not only that being 34 means I’m in an age group that is one of the largest with the stiffest competition.  

Putting the Shot

So I called in my coach and more importantly my cheering section composed of Evan, my nephew.  My mom even came out to show some support.  On this day we got 1 practice round and 2 measured/scored rounds.  So they went over the rules several times and the thing that worried me the most was the 30 second rule.  You only get 30 sec from entering the ring to put the shot.  Y’all 30 seconds can me an eternity or very very short.  On the practice round, I rushed it and had bad form but kept it in the ring. Scored round 1, I did it again…except I scratch because I put the shot out of the ring. I almost took out one of the judges too. Ooops! Scored round 2, I took my time and some deep breaths and put the shot 15’7’’. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Not sure if it’s enough to score points but I’m glad I went out there and gave it my all.  Plus in true fashion I had a good story to tell…LOL!

Wednesday – FitWit and In-Training

As you may know, I am the FitWit Live Fit winner and with that I won a year of workouts.  Since I have unlimited number available, I said I wanted to try all the different times offered.  Since I was on vacation, I tried the noon workout.  It was a smaller class of people but just as great of a workout!  It did force me to pay close attention to hydration and fueling beforehand. I would totally do the noon again on a day when I don’t have to go back to work.  I sweat so much that noon/lunchtime workouts aren’t practical for me. Anyone have a solution?

In the evening, I went to In-Training to cheer on the participants and get in some stretching.  After the great workout at lunch, I really needed to stretching too.  It is nice to be around like-minded people and getting in my stretches.

Thursday – FitWit Open Gym and Cyclebar

Still on vacation and decided to try to check off another time slot.  Here’s the thing I showed up and it was really open gym and not a class. I almost left but then decided to foam roll and row.  I gave the 2000 M row for time a shot. There is a board up in the gym with people’s time. It goes up to 10 minutes. Goal in mind of being on the board. Anything below 12 minutes and I make the board. I did it too! 11 minutes 27 seconds! It felt great to make it.

I followed that with a Cyclebar ride with Bianca and Jen.  It was a great ride. Boy was I glad that I remembered to bring my Generation UCAN to fuel in between workouts.  With them being so close, I need something that would last but wasn’t heavy. For good measure, I added some Xtend Raw BCAAs to the mix.  The ride was a challenge.  However, the all out ride for 2 minutes on average was farther than I had gone before.  Each class B has us do a 2-3 minute all out ride. Each week, I have been making progress.  I love being able to have a small measure of progress.

Friday – Rest day

I decided to enjoy not having to work and give my body a rest. Contrary to popular believe I do take some days off.  Not very often but I do.  Maybe I should count the laundry and dog walks because that is all I really did that was active.

My latest post on for FitWit went live too.  If you want to read more about my FitWit journey you can check it out here.

Saturday – FitWit in the Park

So I gave the FitWit Saturday workout a try this past week.  We didn’t have In-Training for the Peachtree so I had a free Saturday.  Boy was that a challenge.  While sleeping in sounds like a great thing, it was hot hot hot in the sun! Workout started at 9 am and the sun was up and saying, “hey hey” to everyone.  I had fun especially since another runner, Lajuana, showed up and had me laughing.  Might give it another try once training on Saturday is done.

Sunday – Rest day

I continued my never-ending quest of unpacking boxes.  I also hydrated for my race on Monday. It was a nice and relaxing day.

This week was a general workout type of week.  I try a couple of new things to mix up my current routine.  I tried a couple of new times of FitWit. I learned some about my preferred workout times. I’m telling you to try a small change to see if it make a big change in your journey.

Telling it #onestepatatime,


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2 comments on “TJ Tells It: Week In Review #4”

  1. Vacation time from work is always necessary! I actually took off from work on Tuesday to extend my long weekend, lol.

    Love that you got in a workout outdoors! A local park offers Yoga outside during the summer and I’m thinking of trying it out.

    • We have yoga in the same park actually that had the outdoor bootcamp. It’s Sunday evenings which is hard. I have a goal of making at least once to try it out.
      I hope yours goes well!

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