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Hi Y’all,

If you’ve been following my Instagram feed, you’ve seen some of the meals I’ve prepared to keep the focus on my nutrition.  During my smart recovery period, I realize that my journey is more than the workouts and that other’s may want to see what the other parts included.  I will keep showing the healthy and delicious food on my feed but the sweaty selfies are starting to return.  That’s right y’all, I’m working out more and starting to build strength!

Monday (August 14th): ART

One constant is my weekly visit to see Donna at Well Body Basics.  I always leave feeling so much better than when I walk in the door.  Starting off the week in a good place helps the rest of week move forward. It is important to find things that help keep you moving forward regardless of your starting point.

Tuesday (August 15th): Cyclebar

Tuesday was a toe dipped back into the pond of working out.  It was a good ride but more for the conversation afterward focusing on making an impact in the world. Bianca challenged us to figure out how we can move the world forward.  In an effort to not let the start stop me, I’m looking to how I can make a change in the world.

As for the physical part, it was not the easiest and I couldn’t ride all out but I was happy to be back sweating.

Wednesday (August 16th): In-Training with Stretching

It was really a rest day! I did help participants stretch out after the workout. I do appreciate the conversations with Coach Amy on the way back to our cars after it is all said and done. I always leave feeling just a little bit better. And sometimes I leave with a project or two. (More about that int he future…)

Thursday (August 17th): Rest Day

It was not super exciting.  I was still feeling the ride.  The stretching I did before bed definitely help to ease some of the tightness.


Trying to be sneaky!

I did meet up with another running buddy, Bon.I was grateful she could make time to do the part I of the photo shoot that was supposed to take place the day of my accident.




I’ll reveal the picture in the very near future. But here are some behind the scenes I took while she worked.

Bon doing her thing!
Friday (August 18th): Rest Day

With my want to finish a 5K the next day, I took it really easy.  I did try to keep loose and hydrate.

Saturday (August 19th): Atlanta’s Finest 5K

Luckily, Atlanta’s Finest is a flatish route.  I had an amazing time with Susan, Adriane, and Angie.  Every year I have some much fun at this race.  Last year, I wrote a similar analysis of the race. Some of the original Party in the Back crew was back together.  Susan and I took it nice and easy. After the race, I went to have some more Terminus BBQ. (Sadly no selfie with Kevin Gillespie. Still holding out hope!)

Today was full of Atlanta's finest! Started with a 5k with some of the @partyinthebackatl original members at @atlantatrackclub Atlanta's Finest 5k! Took it nice and easy as a #smartrecovery. Followed it up with some delicious @terminuscitybbq from the pop-up @aswdistillery. Next stop was to be #cheersquad for @runthisb while she beat the competition @grantparkcrit! We fueled our cheering with @kingofpops. Finished the day putting my @sweetwaterbrew glass to use with a soursop ginger peach smoothie. #tjtellsit #onestepatatime #weareatlantatrackclub #fitnessjourney #fitnessblogger #survivor . . . #cantstopwontstop #BSoStrong #glutenfree #broughtmyownbun #fruitsalad #porktwoways #everythinginmoderation #foodie #cycling #runner #aspiretoinspire #walker #atlantasfinest #5k #roadtorecovery #blackberryginger #healthyeats

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I keep the momentum going and practice being a cheerleader during Bianca’s bike race.  It was exciting to see her win! Plus the King of Pops was great too!!

Sunday (August 20th): Rest and Meal Prep

So, last week I didn’t really do any meal prep. Talk about a disaster.  It is so hard to get nutritious gluten-free food near my office.  I know this and still didn’t prepare properly.  I didn’t want to repeat this mistake.  I made a plan and went shopping.  Meal prep led me to have some tasty and healthy meals this week.  My smart recovery plan includes fueling for my return to working out as well as everyday life with good for me foods.

I find that planning for the week and executing helps to keep me moving forward.  I am finding the little things that matter.  In order to make an impact on the world, I know I have to be at my best.  Each day I move the ball forward to reach my best self.  I will make mistakes but as long as I learn from the mistakes, I know I will keep moving forward.  What are those things that you do weekly to keep yourself moving forward?

I’m telling you to recognize what your little things are that make a big difference in your life #onestepatatime,


P.S. Week 1 into operation clean car is a success!

Trust but verify!



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