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Woman putting the shot putMy week started out slowly but I felt like I realized progress in my FitWit workouts.  It was a stark contrast from the week before without a single two-a-day (well at least not two hard workouts 12 hours apart). I enjoy this week just as much as last. I kept pushing myself and moving forward even when other parts of life were not in my favor.

Monday: ART & Rest

I so needed to get put back together by Donna! Last week was a bit crazy. I do try to rest a bit more than I did the last week. At my appointment this week, we worked on some general maintenance. But in my true fashion of walking in feeling OK, right before I left we discovered a source of some of my low back issues. Donna being awesome, worked on it and I was all set for the week! If you are looking for a place to get you back feeling better than ever, check out Donna at Well Body Basics.

Real speak: Life changing as I can do so much more than ever before. Taking care of your body is important. You don’t realize that you need some help sometimes. I’m not a professional athlete and used to think, I am not very fast or getting paid. So why would I need to get worked on. Well, being as active as I am and the amount of time it would take daily to keep it all straight, I find the appointments give me the best start to my week.

If you are curious about ART, it is like a combination of movement, massage, and adjustment all rolled into one appointment. I use it for maintenance for the most part, but Donna has been known to fix my acute flares of my back or when plantar fasciitis decided to introduce itself 3 weeks before my marathon! I’m telling you its amazing and well worth it!

Tuesday: Track Meet Tuesday: Shot Put Practice
Woman with tongue stuck out of her mouth
Coach and Big Sister Chanda

Another Atlanta Track Club All Comers Track Meet in the books! Tuesday, May 24th, is the Grand Prix Shot Put event. I needed to get in some practice (and re-learn how to put the shot…yup that is how it is described. You actually shouldn’t throw a shot put… Something about throwing kilograms of weight -4kg [8.8 lbs] for me- is not good for your arm or shoulder!). My sister, Chanda, put the shot (still sound kind of silly to me) in high school.

Since, Evan had so much fun the week before (and let’s be real I needed some serious coaching), I asked her to come back. She came and tried very valiantly to get me to not be motion challenged. I’m not the most coordinated person. So, to put the shot, you have to get both your arms and legs to work together at the same time. I find it kinda of difficult to put the concepts together with the motion needed to get the right trajectory and distance. I gave it a try and managed to get 17 plus feet on my longest attempt. Since Tuesday, it is possible that you may catch me try to simulate the motion. Not afraid to look cray-cray!

Wednesday: FitWit, W.O.W Lunch-N-Learn, & In-Training

FitWit in the morning was a great workout.  On Wednesday a rowing focused workout. I really like to row as a cross-training.  This week was a rotation between 4 minutes on the row machine and a HIIT station rotation.  While the off ERG time seemed to fly by, the ERG time seem to get longer and longer! Ha, it was still 4 minutes but it definitely got harder on each round. I made it through and felt great after.

Later in the afternoon, my (other) gym, RPM, held a lunch-n-learn for women to help demystify strengthen training. I was the only person to show up. But I learned some new things. I left with the skeleton of a total body strength training workout.  Since one of my goals in the future is to be able to prepare my own training plans, it was beneficial.  It also checked off another instance of out of my comfort zone. I normally don’t go to these lunch-n-learns and be the only person…umm no thanks. Well lesson learned (again), tried something new and learned a few new things.

In-training was fun too. I got in some stretching as usual.  It was mile repeats for the participants. It is my least favorite workout so I really didn’t mind being the leader and stretching.

Thursday: FitWit Strength & Power

I really enjoy Thursdays at FitWit. I met a new person and we cheered

FitWit Thursday Strength Workout Part I

each other on as we worked our way through the board.  My knees were not super happy with me. I tried an over head press while lying on my back. Boy was that different but I was able to do it with 35lb kettle-bells. I also had another first in this work out. My partner was awed by my 35lb kettle-bell shoulder presses.  Her comment made me think back to where I started over 5 months ago… to be exact, 18lb kettle-bells were a ‘I hope I don’t hurt myself (by dropping it on my head)’ and now I’m pressing 35lb bells for more than 1 set!  I am trying to take more time to appreciate how far I have come in my strength and fitness.

Part II of the workout was definitely a challenge. But, I did it. This is the

FitWit Part II

first time (at least that I remember) that I completed the entire Blue workout before time was called!!! I felt great after Thursday’s workout.

Friday: FitWit 9 Minute Circuits

I managed to get 1 of my friends to take me up on the offer to try FitWit with me. Susan was a brave soul who gave it a try.  I didn’t check the workout beforehand and had on the wrong shoes. I made it work though. It was a tough one. my back and knees weren’t really feeling the squats or leg lifts. I pushed through and modified as needed.  I definitely would say this was a no excuses workout that reminded me to pay attention to what my body is telling me. Best part was laughing and sweating with Susan!

Saturday: Rest and Home-base Duty at In-Training

I took it easy and caught up on some co-captain duties of attendance. Being a bit tired and tight, he stretch time I took helped me feel a bit looser.

Sunday: Shorten Walk
It’s a love hate thing with running sometimes

I woke to rain on Sunday and was not feeling amazing pump to get wet.  I rolled over and went back to sleep for a bit. After a few texts and some motivation, I got up dressed and out of the door.  I had been meaning to see how long a loop was inside my complex. So I decided to get my mile close to home. I made it 1 loop before I remembered I left the trash within Zoey’s reach and my back started yelling at me. I didn’t get in all of my miles. But I now know that a loop is 1.5 miles and has a couple of hills. Some times it’s enough to get out there even if it doesn’t go as planned. (Side note: Zoey took only 1 thing out the trash. It’s a huge thing too. The trash is like her crack for sure!)It’s always fun to see how far you’ve come.

I’m telling you acknowledge your progress and be proud of hard work!


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  1. Nice work last week, your motivation and dedication always impresses me. Excited to see you tomorrow!

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