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Woman running on track Week in Review #2Hi y’all,

I hit a record number of eight workouts in the week with 2 rest/stretch days.  I’m not saying I recommend it. In reality, it sort of just happened. I didn’t intentionally plan it. It really wasn’t until Friday evening that I realized what I had done…

Monday: Fit Radio Elliptical.1

People, not only did I sweat more in 36 minutes ever, I almost died! Maybe I exaggerated but really I might need both in Ivy and supervision while working out. Okay so maybe not an IV. I do find the better hydrated I am, the more I sweat. But as for my death scare, I was doing the last interval at my all out pace and my foot flew off the pedal. My cat-like reflexes save me okay I held on for dear life until it’s loud enough to get back going. (Also, I was hoping no one saw me!) I survived and even go back and do the workout again.
If you are wondering about Fit Radio. It’s an app with DJ mixes geared towards different types of workouts, running mixes based on pace or bpm, and a new feature of coaching (with the paid subscription). The workout I completed was included in the Coaching part of the app. Nope, I’m not a paid to say this but want everyone to know the various tools I use on my journey. Plus my friend Bianca  (Yep, the same Bianca from Cyclebar) is one of the coaches for the workouts. It really is like a personal trainer in your ear with music.

Tuesday: FitWit & Track Meet 400M

#twoadayTuesday happens again!


FitWit – ‘The Wheel’: 5-minute work and one minute of rest. This is a killer workout! It rotated through heavy ropes, TRK one arm rows, rowing, wall ball squats, and weighted walking lunges. And again I thought I need an IV. Even with all the sweat, it was a great way to start the day.


400 meter Grand Prix race: it was a track Tuesday again. The Grand Prix Series race for the 400 meters was on Tuesday. I went out and paste on a protected time I should have run 400 meters in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Lo and behold I shocked myself. I ran it in 2 minutes and 30 seconds flat. Want to know more about what happened at the track meet like the American record that was set check out my Quick Report here.

Wednesday: In-Training Stretching

In-Training for the Peachtree speed workout: I was able to get in a lot of stretching. While I didn’t run, I helped the participants stretch back out after their workout. It is a great way to keep me loose too! Win-win!!

Thursday: FitWit & Cyclebar

#twoadayThursday happened too! I really should plan a little better but then again, it good to start and end my day with a good workout.


FitWit strength training with a weight increase.  We have been working on shoulder press and weighted squats.  I pulled the weights I used the last time (25 lb kettlebells) and turns out its working! I went up to 30 lbs for the last 2 set.  It feels great (for sure afterwards) to go up in weight!

women after Cyclebar workout
Celebrating Wendy at Cyclebar

Cyclebar with Bianca… I skipped my ART appointment to celebrate Wendy’s graduation. (Skipping ART might not have been the smartest but…) Love the fact that a giant milestone like graduating or birthdays are celebrated with some physical activity! It was a tough ride but I was able to complete more of the workout.  It was an extra challenge because while at work, I was so busy I didn’t stick to a good fueling schedule.  I have for sure learned my lesson!

Friday: 3K Indicator Run & FitWit

Since I was on a roll with 2 workouts to bookend my day, I did it again.


I am starting a speed training 6 week program soon and needed to see where I was fitness wise.  So my goal is to stay on the chart. I did it! It was barely but I did it (29:20). It was really tough given my week so far. Plus the weather was deceptively hot and humid. It took some mental toughness when I thought I wasn’t going to stay on the chart. I had to keep telling myself, “Don’t quit! Second…third…give it all.” Even better when I finished, I got to meet Katie, a rep from Generation UCAN. It is one of my favorite pre and post workout foods.  A slow release super starch that last a long time. Even better it doesn’t cause gastrointestinal distress.  Given that it takes me more than 8 hours to complete a marathon, I need a long-lasting carb.

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FitWit ‘Count Down’ work out…I foolishly looked at the post and thought it wouldn’t be that bad. Boy o boy was it a challenge! It started with jump ropes. I like that because I could continue my battle against the rope. 20 singles in a row for a new record.  Also, it didn’t take me the entire workout to get those 100 jumps in to boot. It just goes harder from there. After some adjustment in the numbers, I was able to make it through all of the exercises. Big accomplishment!!

Saturday: Rest Day

In-Training for Peachtree long run but I stayed at home base.  I needed a rest day! I did short walking around but that was about it and even took a nap. Vegging was the best!

Sunday: In Training 5 Miles + Strides

I went on a 5-mile power walk with Janet again.  We kept it flat by going almost to the start line of the AJC Peachtree Road Race and back to Big Peach Running Co Brookhaven along Peachtree. It was great weather and great company.  After we finished, I gave strides a try.  It’s a short sprint where you build up your speed and then ease back. Strides aren’t easy and felt a little awkward. I will definitely have to keep doing them.

So the total miles was not high, but I made a lot of non-running progress. I’m not sure I’ll do another week of 3 days of two-a-days again.  It did remind me to fuel-up better.  I planned ahead for the current week to get in more calories.  You may find something that you love.

Telling it #onestepatatime,


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