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Thankful Thursday-Stories of giving back to the communityHi Y’all,

It’s Thursday and I’m back with another Thankful Thursday. Before I introduce you to another runner who gives back to the community, I want to let you know the next few will be all men. In honor of November being Men’s Health Awareness month, I thought I could introduce you to some of the great guys giving back to the community.

Without further ado, please meet Harley Eisenberg.

He’s originally from Montreal, Canada. I met Harley during one of the training programs with Atlanta Track Club while we both were run leads. He is one of the most giving run leads out there. If someone needs extra miles or just a person to run with, he is there.

Harley also gave a lot of early mornings to make sure everyone had hydration during group runs. If it was hot out, the hydration had ice. The right amounts were out there with a good mix of Powerade powder to water. Y’all don’t underestimate the importance of the right ratio!

I asked Harley to tell me about his start in running and why he runs. He told me, “Running is my primary form of exercise, both for my heart health and overall health. Running helps reduce stress for me. I can forget about work issues, problems with my family, financial problems etc.”

It’s always amazing how each story is unique in the finer details but very relatable to you as a runner.

He started his running journey with the Peachtree Road Race. He says, “I got started running in 2001 when I decided to run (and walk) the Peachtree Road Race that I heard about on TV. I had never run an organized race in my entire life. In fact, I had never run a mile without having to walk before I started my training for my first Peachtree.” It seems like many of us in the training program starts with the gateway race of the Peachtree.

Harley has been running ever since. His next major race is the Boston Marathon. He is training while raising money for American Heart Association (AHA) on Tedy’s Team. HIs selection of Tedy’s Team is a personal choice as he recently had heart surgery. Harley’s heart had a 90% blockage that he knew nothing about. His blockage was in the ‘widow maker’ artery. He attributes his survival and successful surgery mainly in part to “ the amazing research supported by AHA…”

As part of giving back to the community, he is committed to raising $7,500 to support AHA. Harley is getting to live his dream of running Boson and supporting a great cause. His fundraising along with the rest of Tedy’s Team “will allow the AHA to continue their great work – the next life saved could be yours, a family member or a friend.”

You can help support Harley’s dream and the research of the AHA here:

Support Harley’s run with Tedy’s Team

In addition to finding out more about Harley’s support of the AHA, I asked him a few fun questions. Check out 5 fun facts about him:
  • What’s the most unlikely (weirdest) thing in your gym bag? You have to join me on a long run to find that out. “What’s said on a long run, stays on a long run.”
  • What’s your favorite post run/workout food? Hamburger
  • What the funniest advice you have gotten in your fitness journey? Not advice, but the funniest comment has been “I’ve always wanted to run a 5K Marathon”.
  • What is your favorite fitness related product? My phone. It tracks all my runs, pace, elevation gain, miles run per pair of shoes, current pace, average pace, etc.
  • If you could have run or workout with anyone, who would it be? My late mother. She passed before my first race and never had the opportunity to see me run.
I hope you will consider giving to a great cause.

The AHA has helped keep the Atlanta running community supported by a great runner and volunteer. It is hard to say what training would be like without Harley’s quick wit and kind giving nature.

Telling you that we have great people in the Atlanta running community who give back,

Support Harley’s run with Tedy’s Team

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