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Hey y’all!

Exciting things happened this week from becoming an official Fit Radio Workout Tester to registering for USATF Masters Track & Field National Championships! Each day and workout gave something to help keep me moving forward.

Monday: ART

I went to see Donna at Well Body Basics as usual to get the kinks and what not worked out. We discussed the stretching I’ve been doing during the week and how to make improvements. I’m telling you, I feel like a whole new person when I leave her office! Even better she posts on Facebook tips and tricks to help with movement, mobility and even shoe selection to keep you moving forward (follow them here).

Tuesday: Two-a-Day Tuesday Fitwit & Cyclebar

I started the day with a FitWit workout that was a challenge. The push-ups and more had me questioning the need to lift anything for a few days!

I ended my day with a Cyclebar workout led by Bianca. It was a struggle but even when the workout seems out of reach, I just keep spinning.  The ride was hard due to a combination of a tough morning workout and lack of proper nutrition during the day. I just plain didn’t eat enough to try to get through the workout with new personal records. Even though it was hard, I kept going and still enjoyed it too.

Finished my day with a visit to @cyclebar_buckhead to see @runthisb for a great and grueling ride. It was a struggle but the message was to focus on the little victories. My #littlevictory was going .01 farther in the 3 min all out! I fueled with @genucan before and recovery meal of steak seasoned with @traderjoes coffee rub, sweet potatoes and mushrooms. #lookedforwardtoitallday #lunchwillbedelicious Met @coachdeefree (again) and joined the @choosebettermovement! My #choosebetter moment was a #healthy dinner. Last week was full of #smallvictories and #choosebetter moments. Read about it in my Week in Review #7 (link in bio) #tjtellsit #onerpmatatime #onestepatatime . . . #fitnessjourney #fitnessblogger #weareatlantatrackclub #intraining #ajcprr #reppingmyatlantatrackclubgear #partyinthebackatl #cycling #spinning #twoadaytuesday #fitnessjunkie #preach #goals #crosstraining

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I also met Dee (again) who has an inspiring story and is a personal trainer. She has a choose better movement going and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Wednesday: In-Training & Telling My Beginning

It was a typical Wednesday with cheering on participants during the Atlanta Track Club In-Training for the Peachtree Road Race at the weekly speed training.  I got in some great stretching. Everyone finished their workout and right as we began the quarter-mile walk back to the car, the skies opened up and poured!

The not so typical part of the day was sharing the beginning of my journey. My running buddy Jess from Jess Runs Atlanta is raising money for cancer treatment and will be running the NYC marathon. You can read more about both the start of my journey, her efforts and the connection!

Thursday: FitWit

The FitWit workout today reminded me that I need to continue to focus on my upper body. I may have been still feeling Tuesday’s workout too! We spent a lot of the class sweating and swearing. I was super excited to make it through without giving up!

Friday: FitWit

Rounded out the work week with another evening FitWit workout. I felt stronger during this one than the other two this week! Sometimes it just takes me putting in the mental work of deciding to kill the workout. I went in happy it was Friday instead of feeling all of the weight of a long week.  It made the world of difference!

Saturday: In-Training & Stretching

Saturday was a rest and stretch day. The left over soreness from the week, helped make the decision of rest day or 8 miles an easy one.   I knew I could get in a long run on Sunday. I did make a point to help as many pace groups stretch as possible.

Sunday: 6+ Miles & Fit Radio

My mom and I went out for some easy miles on the Peachtree course. We started at the bottom of Cardiac Hill and went out for three before turning around.  

On our return run we decided to use Fit Radio to try something different. We did a walk/jog workout that was fun.  I played it using the speaker on my phone and we sped up a little. I’ve been working on running more than I walk off and on for the last year.  It was nice to make it through and think that was not so bad. The mix was also amazing.  Even better my first Fit Radio workout as an Official Fit Radio Workout Tester is complete. Y’all will be hearing more about my Fit Radio workouts in the coming weeks. I love that they care enough to know how different people like the workouts and that it is the highest quality for the users.

I ended my week by registering for a couple of events at the USATF Masters National Championships. I’m excited to participate in the 400 M race and shot put. In the next few days, I will pick a few more events. Just when I think that I need to contemplate my next “out of my comfort zone” activity, someone offers up the opportunity. Thanks Coach Amy for shoving me so far out of my comfort zone!

Embrace what comes at you and revel in the little things. If you choose better and keep moving forward, new and exciting things are bound to happen.

Telling you to keep moving forward with the little victories #onestepatatime,



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