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Welcome all!

I’ve been told that I have things to share with the world. I’ve decided to listen to those people and share.  In my everyday life, I like to tell it like it is and people seem to appreciate it.

I will strive to always tell it — the truth based on facts or my opinion with real feelings and emotions — in plain speak with a touch of humor from a well-meaning place.

A little about me:

I’m a runner, crafter, reader and pet owner.  I love to make homemade meals and try different foods.  I like to travel both to different locations around the world and in my imagination while reading a book.  My passions tend to be varied and change in order of importance based on life events and my mood.

I have 1 dog named Zoey Ann who is a drama queen and sweetie pie all rolled into one.  She keeps me laughing at her and myself.  I like to think I own and take care of her, but in reality I’m sure it’s the other way around.

Zoey Ann

In the coming days, weeks and months, I will tell you my take on things. Some posts will be about my running/exercise/health/fitness and some will be about the many projects I have going at any given time from jewelry-making, card-making, cooking to travels and challenges.

More to come!

Telling It (because I can),



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