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Hi y’all!

My fitness journey is still going!  I have not fallen into a hole or stopped racking up the miles, classes and other fitness related things.

Me during one of my first FitWit Workouts

Life has been insane the first quarter of this year.

I’ve moved, started doing FitWit 3-4 times a week, participated in Questival – Atlanta, completed another marathon in Little Rock, joined a few challenges, fought a short battle against plantar faciitis, became an Atlanta Track Club Ambassador, Good Measure Meals Fuel Ambassador and have been (and still am…) working on average 55-60 hours a week! That all being said, I apologize for not posting here in forever! It all going to change (for real this time) because in addition to the things above, I’ve been learning more about web stuff and more.  I do love me some multi-tasking.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll recap the highlights, give some updates on my current training and more.  If you want to follow the day-to-day, I do post on Instagram (cross-posted on Facebook and Twitter too).

FitWit Sign on building
FitWit Old Fourth Ward Location

So for those of you who have been following me on those sites, you might be wondering about FitWit and why I am now doing it in addition to my running and what not.  It is a group fitness boot-camp style workout with weights and cardio. The workouts change every day and challenge me in new ways. Learn more here.

Here’s the really cool thing: I won a year of it for free by entering the


FitWit Live contest last year. I started on my 2017 goal of “The Year of Uncomfortable” with this entry. Mine is at the top, but I encourage you to read them all. I had some stiff competition.  As part of the process, I also get to update the FitWit Nation once a month on my progress.




If you read any of those posts, you will have some idea of why I keep showing up. I’m getting results of strength, speed, and endurance. It’s not just because it is free (although that definitely doesn’t hurt).

jump rope
Jump Rope that I will conquer

Winning the contest has been a big change for my workout routine but a great change.  I’ll be back later to update you on other shenanigans including my birthday spin class and more.

TJ Telling It (again)!


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