5 Tips for Post-Workout Recovery


If you have started a workout regime or have ramped up your current level of activity, you may be sore and not feel like you can continue. It is normal to have soreness after a hard workout or a change in activity levels. When I have hard workouts, I have a few things that I do regularly to manage my post-workout recovery.  I am not a licensed physical therapist or a doctor but I will tell you about what has worked for me. (more…)

Five (5) Ways Steps Earn Money

Hi y’all,

Have you ever wished someone would pay you to workout? It’s the dream, right?!? Well, here are Five Ways Steps Earn Money. It seems like everyone is looking for an incentive to get that workout in or even hit that step goal. (At least once you come out the other side of the obsession with your step count…you long time fitness tracker wearers know what I’m talking about!)  (more…)

5 Creative Ways to Get in One Mile A Day (Keep Your Run Streak Alive)

Hi Y’all,

A mile a day needs some creative thinking to keep a run streak alive.  I’ve come up with 5 creative ways to one mile a day to complete the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak. (more…)

Thankful Thursday ~ Bob Wells

Thankful Thursday-Stories of giving back to the communityHi Y’all,

As another Thanksgiving comes to a close, I want to introduce you to another person I’m thankful to know. In case you have no read about some of the other people who embody giving back, check out Alissa Palladino, Katie Rosenberg, and Harley Eisenberg‘s efforts to help others with their training. Each person you’ve met and will meet really gives of themselves.

Now that you’ve met the others profiled to date, meet Bob Wells. (more…)

The Ultimate On-the-Go Workout Kit

Are you a person who says they are too busy to get in a workout? Have you ever said, “I could get in some movement since I have time to kill?” Are you a person who arrives early for meetings or group outings (like 15 minutes or more early)?

Do you live in a city, like Atlanta, where the traffic is so unpredictable that you may arrive 30 minutes early when leaving at the same time may have made you 30 minutes late? Do you want to be ready to make the most of your free time or extra found minutes?

If you answered, “YES!”, then keep reading for a list of things to keep your fitness journey always moving forward! (more…)

TJ Tells It Week in Review #21

Hi Y’all,

Week 21 was the first week back with as close to my routine as I have been since the end of July! It was a tiring week but it felt great.  I definitely enjoy the benefits of working out more. And no, it is not more food (more…)

Thankful Thursday Alissa Palladino Runs NYC for Kilometer Kids

Thankful Thursday-Alissa Palladino raises money for Kilometer Kids trainign for NYC Marathon

Hi Y’all,

Every journey is impacted by the people you meet along the way.  My journey is no different.  Having met some amazing people who give back to the fitness community, I want to say THANK YOU on Thursdays.  I won’t always tell the person beforehand and sometimes I’ll do a quick interview.  But without further ado:

The first person I want to say thanks for giving back is (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #20

Looking for inspiration for your workout routine. Check out my week in review for ideas of finding your why

Hi Y’all,

It’s been a long road to get back on the path to regular workouts. I have been trying to follow my own advice and take it one step at a time.  While I’ve gotten a lot of things accomplished during my recovery period, (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #18

Hi Y’all,

Each week has been very similar since my car accident. The past week, I have been slowly but surely trying to get back to my normal schedule while maintaining all of the good habits I recognized I have created over the past weeks. Here’s the thing, the longer I am out of my normal routine (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #13

Hi y’all,

Started with a Monday workout (which I hadn’t done in a while) and ended on the injury reserve. I’m not going to attribute it to (more…)

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