The Ultimate On-the-Go Workout Kit

Are you a person who says they are too busy to get in a workout? Have you ever said, “I could get in some movement since I have time to kill?” Are you a person who arrives early for meetings or group outings (like 15 minutes or more early)?

Do you live in a city, like Atlanta, where the traffic is so unpredictable that you may arrive 30 minutes early when leaving at the same time may have made you 30 minutes late? Do you want to be ready to make the most of your free time or extra found minutes?

If you answered, “YES!”, then keep reading for a list of things to keep your fitness journey always moving forward! (more…)

TJ Tells It Week in Review #21

Hi Y’all,

Week 21 was the first week back with as close to my routine as I have been since the end of July! It was a tiring week but it felt great.  I definitely enjoy the benefits of working out more. And no, it is not more food (more…)

Thankful Thursday Alissa Palladino Runs NYC for Kilometer Kids

Thankful Thursday-Alissa Palladino raises money for Kilometer Kids trainign for NYC Marathon

Hi Y’all,

Every journey is impacted by the people you meet along the way.  My journey is no different.  Having met some amazing people who give back to the fitness community, I want to say THANK YOU on Thursdays.  I won’t always tell the person beforehand and sometimes I’ll do a quick interview.  But without further ado:

The first person I want to say thanks for giving back is (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #20

Looking for inspiration for your workout routine. Check out my week in review for ideas of finding your why

Hi Y’all,

It’s been a long road to get back on the path to regular workouts. I have been trying to follow my own advice and take it one step at a time.  While I’ve gotten a lot of things accomplished during my recovery period, (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #18

Hi Y’all,

Each week has been very similar since my car accident. The past week, I have been slowly but surely trying to get back to my normal schedule while maintaining all of the good habits I recognized I have created over the past weeks. Here’s the thing, the longer I am out of my normal routine (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #13

Hi y’all,

Started with a Monday workout (which I hadn’t done in a while) and ended on the injury reserve. I’m not going to attribute it to (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #10

Hi y’all,

Finally my Week-in-Review #10.  I’m really late getting this week-in-review done…eek. Life happens and sometimes the best-laid plans are changed. Some would say why bother posting this one? (more…)

TJ Tells It: Run Fast, Eat Slow Cookbook to Fuel My Journey

Post updated below on July 26, 2017.

Hi y’all,

I recently had the opportunity to meet the authors of Run Fast, East Slow, 4-time Olympian Shalane Flanagan and Chef Elyse Kopecky. Hearing how the book came about was very interesting.
The book has great recipes that I’m excited to work into my current fueling plan. Knowing that it shows how to eat the rainbow, eat full-fat dairy, and grass-fed beef makes me even more excited to adopt these recipes as part of my diet. I will update the post after I have tried some of the recipes.

If you have the book, comment and let me know which I should try! If you don’t have a copy, you can get it on Amazon here

Update (7/26/2017):

I tried the SUperhero Muffins, Sweet Potatoes Breakfast Cookies, Ginger Molasses Granola, and Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes. My ‘must try’ list is long and will be made very soon.

My favorite has been the Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes.  While I think it needs a bit more binder to hold together, they had a nice sweet but smoky and fresh taste. I will be making these again for sure!

The granola and muffins were very good as well. I substituted out the oatmeal for quinoa flakes due to dietary restrictions. It worked for all except the breakfast cookies. While the recipes came out well, I will have to make some additional adjustments because my system didn’t like the quinoa.

More to come very soon!

Telling you full-fat Greek yogurt will make you happy #onestepatatime,


10 Miles of Hills to Thanksgiving

I guess at some point I will stop starting my posts with “It’s been awhile and I will post more often…”  Hmmm… maybe a New Year’s Resolution that starts early.  I find that if I set a resolution before the end of the previous year and (more…)

Hills and Beef – Grand Prix Races of August

Team Beef Runner
Me at Atlanta’s Finest Finish Line 2016

On January 1, 2016, I started putting another one of my brilliant ideas into action–2016 a year of running challenges.  In the Fall of 2015, I said, “I think next year can be a the year of race challenges.” I decided I’m going to push my limits and accomplish some stuff I’ve read about and thought was cool/craziness. I mean why not? Yeah, so what I’m not the typical looking runner and nor am I the fastest (regularly the slowest or close to it)…   (more…)

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