Running Tips

Four (4) Keys to Staying on Track During the Holidays

4 Keys to staying on track during the holidays. Make a plan and get active to stay moving forward during the holidays and beyond!Hi,

It’s holiday time and you need a plan to stay on track.  Here are four (4) keys to staying on track during the holidays. I’ve been in the lab and testing these tips. So far they have been working during this holiday season. (more…)

5 Tips for Post-Workout Recovery


If you have started a workout regime or have ramped up your current level of activity, you may be sore and not feel like you can continue. It is normal to have soreness after a hard workout or a change in activity levels. When I have hard workouts, I have a few things that I do regularly to manage my post-workout recovery.  I am not a licensed physical therapist or a doctor but I will tell you about what has worked for me. (more…)

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