Letters from the Road

Welcome 2018: The Fitness Journey Continues

2018 is moving forward at a warp speed! By the time most of you will read this it will be February! It seems like I’m trying to keep up—well really settle in and embrace what is happening in my world.


Global Running Day 2016: 4 Runs, 3 Showers, & Many Memories

Dear Global Running Day,

Thanks for giving me an excuse to demonstrate my special brand of (running) crazy on June 1, 2016.  Four runs in less than 24 hours… maybe a little extreme, but the potential for midweek fun overrode good sense.  

GRD Bib 2016
A day of running needs a bib to commemorate it. Coach Amy hooked me up with one.

I planned this day a couple of weeks in advance.  I knew that when you went from National Running Day to Global Running Day that big things were in store (and less sleep, more miles, and great memories too). OK so by plan, I registered for some events and tried to decide on my “How to Stay Awake at Work on No Sleep” plan.

Luckily, I didn’t really have to do much work to find my events. (more…)

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