TJ Tells It Week in Review #21

Hi Y’all,

Week 21 was the first week back with as close to my routine as I have been since the end of July! It was a tiring week but it felt great.  I definitely enjoy the benefits of working out more. And no, it is not more food (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #20

Looking for inspiration for your workout routine. Check out my week in review for ideas of finding your why

Hi Y’all,

It’s been a long road to get back on the path to regular workouts. I have been trying to follow my own advice and take it one step at a time.  While I’ve gotten a lot of things accomplished during my recovery period, (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #19

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #18

Hi Y’all,

Each week has been very similar since my car accident. The past week, I have been slowly but surely trying to get back to my normal schedule while maintaining all of the good habits I recognized I have created over the past weeks. Here’s the thing, the longer I am out of my normal routine (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #17

Hi Y’all,

I want to start by saying that my thoughts are with those affected by Harvey. I’m working on some different ways to help the recovery efforts.

In keeping with the theme of my journey is more than the workouts, I went to a book signing (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #13

Hi y’all,

Started with a Monday workout (which I hadn’t done in a while) and ended on the injury reserve. I’m not going to attribute it to (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #12

Hi, y‘all!
The week was a relatively typical week for me with a bit more rest. It had some harder than normal in-workout moments this week. (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #10

Hi y’all,

Finally my Week-in-Review #10.  I’m really late getting this week-in-review done…eek. Life happens and sometimes the best-laid plans are changed. Some would say why bother posting this one? (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #9

Hi y’all,

My week in review is a bit later than normal due to a busy week. I had a pretty low-key pre-Peachtree week. I took it pretty easy, partly because it was pre-Peachtree and partly because my hip flexor told me to take it easy.  I needed to focus more on stretching and keeping loose.  Luckily, the extra rest and stretching did the trick. (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #8

Hey y’all!

Exciting things happened this week from becoming an official Fit Radio Workout Tester to registering for USATF Masters Track & Field National Championships! Each day and workout gave something to help keep me moving forward. (more…)

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