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Thankful Thursday~Harley Runs Boston for AHA

Thankful Thursday-Stories of giving back to the communityHi Y’all,

It’s Thursday and I’m back with another Thankful Thursday. Before I introduce you to another runner who gives back to the community, I want to let you know the next few will be all men. In honor of November being Men’s Health Awareness month, I thought I could introduce you to some of the great guys giving back to the community.

Without further ado, please meet Harley Eisenberg.


Thankful Thursday – Katie Runs Boston for BWH Stepping Strong Center


Thankful Thursday-Alissa Palladino raises money for Kilometer Kids trainign for NYC MarathonHi Y’all,

I’m back telling you about another runner who is giving back to the community while training for a marathon to raise awareness and funds.

Thankful Thursdays Katie Runs Boston to support BWH Stepping Strong Marathon Team
Katie Rosenberg who loves pancakes after a long run!

Katie Rosenberg is an event planner who is training for the Boston Marathon. (more…)

Thankful Thursday Alissa Palladino Runs NYC for Kilometer Kids

Thankful Thursday-Alissa Palladino raises money for Kilometer Kids trainign for NYC Marathon

Hi Y’all,

Every journey is impacted by the people you meet along the way.  My journey is no different.  Having met some amazing people who give back to the fitness community, I want to say THANK YOU on Thursdays.  I won’t always tell the person beforehand and sometimes I’ll do a quick interview.  But without further ado:

The first person I want to say thanks for giving back is (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #12

Hi, y‘all!
The week was a relatively typical week for me with a bit more rest. It had some harder than normal in-workout moments this week. (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #10

Hi y’all,

Finally my Week-in-Review #10.  I’m really late getting this week-in-review done…eek. Life happens and sometimes the best-laid plans are changed. Some would say why bother posting this one? (more…)

TJ Tells It: Week in Review #9

Hi y’all,

My week in review is a bit later than normal due to a busy week. I had a pretty low-key pre-Peachtree week. I took it pretty easy, partly because it was pre-Peachtree and partly because my hip flexor told me to take it easy.  I needed to focus more on stretching and keeping loose.  Luckily, the extra rest and stretching did the trick. (more…)

The Beginning of My Journey

Hi Y’all,

So, I’ve been telling my fitness journey for a little over a year. I know I have made reference to treatment, etc, but I haven’t told how I got started on this journey. (more…)

Fitness Meets Charity: 2017 Ride for a Reason Re-cap

Hi ya’ll!

Saturday, I participated in Ride for Reason benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Life Time Foundation at the Life Time Fitness in Sandy Springs.  I had a blast! I love me some spin!  My ride on Saturday was even more fun for me because I was playing a part in making a difference in the world. (more…)

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